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Kenmare, North Dakota      TALKING TRAIL

Kenmare, ND Talking Trail
Talking Trail

Kenmare, ND Talking Trail


Undoubtedly one of the most recognizable landmarks of Kenmare, North Dakota is the Danish Mill.  Located in the Downtown Square, the Danish Mill is iconic to this community...

Danish Mill - Talking Trail
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It’s pretty easy to drive by the Downtown Park Square in Kenmare and not give it a second thought.  In fact, to many, it is merely home to the Old Danish Mill... But have you ever...

Downtown Business Square - Talking Trail

When the snow melts and the ground dries up, it's time to hit the links at the Kenmare Country Club.  As one of the oldest courses in North Dakota, folks from all over have been teeing off here since April 2, 1917.

Kenmare Country Club - Talking Trail

It’s no secret that the land around Kenmare, North Dakota is ripe with goose hunting opportunities.  Hunters, from near and far, follow the geese to this slice of Ward County...

Centennial Park - Talking Trail
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The theater originally opened in the 1920s, on the south side of the downtown business square.  At the time, it was known as the Lyceum Theatre.  Of course, that was the silent movie era...

Kenmare Theatre - Talking Trail

The end of October brings Halloween and the end of harvest.  The weather begins to turn, the landscape preparing for winter.  For Kenmare, it also brings GooseFest, an annual hunting festival...

Goosefest Hall of Fame - Talking Trail
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When mark Drug was established in 1902 in Kenmare, one of the businesses that thrived in the early years of Kenmare’s remarkable growth.  It was a time of blossoming opportunities...

Peony Petals - Talking Trail
Norma Hall.jpeg

The Norma Hall is one of twenty-six buildings in the Pioneer Village Museum in Kenmare.   If you are looking for the history of Kenmare and the surrounding area, you have come to the right place...

Pioneer Village 1 - Talking Trail

Vernon and Rosie Eyman of Kenmare, North Dakota were lifelong toy collectors. After Vernon’s death, Rosie donated the collection to the Lake County Historical Society.  At the same time, a three bedroom home, as well...

Pioneer Village 2 - Talking Trail
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Have you ever found yourself sifting through an old box of memories? Maybe it came from the attic at your grandparents house, your childhood bedroom, or your own basements.

Pioneer Village Military Museum - Talking Trail

A question often asked around these parts is how did the Lake County Historical Society come to pass, and more specifically, why is it called by that name?  It’s quite an interesting tale...

Lake County Historical Society - Talking Trail

The Niobe Hall was moved from Niobe, North Dakota to the Pioneer Village in Kenmare in 2006. Originally erected in 1907, it stood on Main Street in the newly platted town of Niobe...

Niobe Hall - Talking Trail
Anne's Dress Shop.jpeg

A walk through Ann’s Dress Shop is enticing for anyone with an interest in vintage clothing.  Wedding dresses, dating back to 1870, and fox and mink stoles abound at Ann’s...

Ann's Dress Shop - Talking Trail
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Trinity Lutheran Church in Kenmare, North Dakota has an interesting story that crosses oceans and unites people from all over the world.  The link between Denmark, Kenmare, and Adamawa State in Nigeria...

Trinity Lutheran Church - Talking Trail

Gooseneck Implement has been a lifeline for local farmers since 1974.  In the beginning, the founders, Daryl Borud and Tom Burkett, didn’t know what to name their new John Deere Dealership...

Gooseneck Implement - Talking Trail

Another outdoor destination near Kenmare, North Dakota is Taskers Coulee, a valley with an elevation of 1,791 feet.  It is situated near Dam Number 4 and is close to..

Taskers Coulee - Talking Trail

Long ago, the Des Lacs River cut a path in the earth resulting in a scenic valley filled with coulees and a series of lakes.  Early French trappers named this water Riviere de Lacs...

Boat Dock Area - Talking Trail

Just outside the west city limits of Kenmare is the Canada Goose Trail.  The trail exits the Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge on the eastern side of the Upper Des Lacs Lake, on the west side of US Highway 52. ..

Canada Goose Trail - Talking Trail

The Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge consists of nearly 20,000 acres of protected land adjacent to the Des Lacs River.  It is known for its natural beauty, as well as a haven for thousands of birds as they migrate each year...

Scenic Byway - Talking Trail
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If you have driven through the valley on highway 52, you’ve definitely noticed the class rocks.  Maybe you’ve driven by them a hundred times, or perhaps this is your first encounter....

Class Rocks - Talking Trail
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The Zion Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Congregation was organized on March 1, 1903 in the home of Jens Erickson. Initially, the intent was to build a country church, but, because of the expansion of the railroad...

Hartland Church - Talking Trail
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Looking to catch-up on local news, activities, and entertainment? The Kenmare News is the place to start! For over a century, locals have depended on the weekly delivery of this beloved small-town paper, which has quite a history...

Kenmare News - Talking Trail
Munches COulee.jpeg

While Kenmare is known more for its hunting than hiking, there are some trails in and around the Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge that are worth lacing up your hiking boots for. One of those is file miles south of Kenmare, just off the Scenic Lake...

Munch's Coulee - Talking Trail

If you’ve made a few stops on the Kenmare Talking Trail, you know that there is an abundance of opportunities to explore and immerse yourself in nature in and around Kenmare and the Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge...

Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters - Talking Trail
Farmer's Union Oil Co.webp

A man by the name of Perry Jameson once said, “By myself and with only my hands, there is not a great deal I can do.  But if we all put our hands together, we can do whatever needs to be done...

Farmers Union Oil Company of Kenmare - Talking Trail
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Imagine a Kenmare before the Danish Mill, before the Pioneer Village, and the iconic Pizza Hub.  Before the trees shaded the streets and before the checkered pattern of cultivated farmland decorated the...

N-N Cattle Company - Talking Trail
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In the late 1800s, pioneers were steadily arriving in and around the settlement near present-day Kenmare.  Some were looking for coal, while others were in the cattle business... Some were simply looking for a place to call their own...

Early Pioneers - Talking Trail
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Following the not-guilty verdict in the murder of Augustine Rouse, E.C. Tolley didn’t exactly remain under the radar.  In fact, there are many colorful tales in which E.C. is one of the main characters...

E.C. Tolley - Talking Trail
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In the spring of 1899, Kenmare was a bustling settlement.  Homesteaders were putting down roots in the area and opening businesses in town.  The town square was already well-defined and was a hub of activity...

Downtown Fire of 1899 - Talking Trail
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When the dog days of summer are drawing to a close, a new school year is ushered in.  Pencils are sharpened and computers are charged as teachers prepare to welcome a new class of students to their room...

Kenmare School - Talking Trail

The Kenmare Talking Trail includes thirty stops, all marked with a green sign inviting you to experience the story.  The stories are accessible through the Talking Trail app or by calling in on the number.  Hear about the marquee lights of the Kenmare Theater, the tradition of the Class Rocks, and numerous businesses, including the Kenmare News, Peony Petals, Gooseneck Implement, and the Farmers Union.  Step back in time at the Pioneer Village and the Danish Mill.  Immerse yourself in the story of the Downtown Business Square, imagining what it looked like in the 1900s.  The stories of Kenmare have been proudly compiled, offering others a chance to explore the community and learn more about the area that many of you call home.  Talking Trail allows your stories to be shared for years to come.  Explore the trail and share photos of your adventure online with the hashtag #ExperienceTheStory for a chance to be shared on social media!

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