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Hear a Story

TALKING TRAIL takes you beyond the line or two found on a sign and connects you with an audio or video recording of the whole story! #ExperienceTheStory

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Imagine the journey of the families whose names can still be read here at the Lake Hoskins Historic Settlement Marker..  The 17th and 18th centuries in Germany were difficult times.

Lake Hoskins Settlement Marker - Tri-County Alliance
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On a spring day in 1898, Wilhelmina Geiszler watched from her home as flames burned on the horizon. Wind blew smoke across the prairie where her husband, John, was out plowing the fields.

Wilhelmina Geiszler - Tri-County Alliance
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The first settlement of Germans from Russia arrived in South Dakota in 1872, and twelve years later, in 1884, the first settlement of Germans from Russia arrived in North Dakota just north of Zeeland.

St. John's Cemetery Feist Graves - Tri-County Alliance

Let your inner child come alive as you embark on a journey along the Enchanted Highway. The entire Trail has been curated by artist and creator, Gary Greff. 

Fisherman - Gary Greff

Artist and sculptor Bradford Rhea shares what it was like to sculpt the beautiful and majestic, Minuteman, you see before you. Originally done in wood.

Minuteman - Bradford Rhea

Check out this amazing wood sculpture by Logan County Colorado sculptor Bradford Rhea. Learn the true meaning behind the sculpture.

Scion - Logan County CO

Listen as 2-Time Golden Glove winner, Darin Erstad, shares his story on the Talking Trail at the North Dakota Sports Hall of Fame!

Darin Erstad - ND Sports Hall of Fame

Minnesota has Paul Bunyan and the Blue Ox, and Jamestown, North Dakota (most triumphantly) has the World's Largest Buffalo, Dakota Thunder!

Dakota Thunder - World's Largest Buffalo

Go check out the Fargo Air Museum Talking Trail today to experience all the rich aviation history!

Fargo Air Museum - Minuteman Missile

What would it have been like to be a soldier posted at Fort Lincoln back in 1873? Download the Talking Trail Mobile app to experience the stories of Fort Lincoln State Park!

Fort Lincoln - Life on the Barracks

Welcome to the largest scrap metal sculpture--the Enchanted Highway Talking Trail! Get lost in this magical world created by artist Gary Greff!

Enchanted Highway - Geese in flight

Learn about Fort Dodge and listen to what it might have sounded like to be on it in 1865!

Dodge City - Talking Trail

Learn about the World's Largest Holstein Cow where the Talking Trail continues... 

New Salem Sue - Talking Trail

What would it really have been like to be one of the first homesteaders in North Dakota? Learn about the log cabin at the Frontier Village in Jamestown, North Dakota!

Log Cabin - Frontier Village

Did you know North Dakota's very own, Travis Hafner is tied with Don Mattingly for the most Grand Slams in a single MLB season? Listen to his story now!

Travis Hafner - Jack Brown Stadium
Fergus Falls Cyclone.jpeg

Fergus Falls greeted 1919 cautiously optimistic as the previous two years were difficult. World War I had claimed the lives of 87 county serviceman, while another 235 had died during the 1918 flu pandemic. People were ready for better times...

Fergus Falls Cyclone - Otter Tail County
Battle Lake.jpeg

Large tracks of fertile land, a pristine lake, and the railroad all contributed to the formation of Battle Lake. With Clitheral established by the end of 1865, word spread quickly of vast acres of available homestead land...

Battle Lake - The Battles - Otter Tail County

The area of, and surrounding Glendalough State Park is unique. It is where the land and its inhabitants have been profoundly connected for many years. Many indigenous cultures lived here, most recently...

Glendalough Park - Otter Tail County
Fort Lincoln.jpg

Fort Abraham Lincoln offering North Dakota travelers one of the most breath-taking views of the Mighty Missouri River near the confluence of the Heart River!

Fort Lincoln - The Mighty Missouri

Do you know the full story behind the Boy General Custer? If not, you need to experience the whole story along the Talking Trail at Fort Lincoln!

Fort Lincoln - General Custer and Libby
#20  Wright Flyer Project.jpg

The Wright Brothers' Flyer found at the Dakota Air Territory  Museum shares the rich history of Wright Brothers and the spark that ignited aviation in America!

Wright Flyer Project - Dakota AIr Territory Museum
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