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talking trail

\ˈtȯk-ing trāl\ 

Simple Definition of TALKING TRAIL

: designed to respond to the actions, commands, etc., of an adventurer, or someone who appreciates learning and having fun whenever and wherever possible.

How to use a TALKING TRAIL

: download the FREE Talking Trail mobile app today to interact with all of rich stories.

: rather than reading a line or two found on a sign, experience the whole story with the Talking Trail mobile app or dial-in platform., talking trail captivates the audience with an audio or video recording that shares the whole story.

: dial the Talking Trail phone number found on the sign, or use the mobile app and create stronger connections to your community or your destinations by understanding more about the rich history and culture of the area.

Examples of TALKING TRAIL in a sentence

Finally, now I can explore historical sites, museums, scenic byways, public art, and more with TALKING TRAIL...


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