talking trail

\ˈtȯk-ing trāl\ 

Simple Definition of TALKING TRAIL

: designed to respond to the actions, commands, etc., of an adventurer, or someone who appreciates learning and having fun whenever and wherever possible.

How to use a TALKING TRAIL

: talking trail can be accessed at historical sites, college campuses, museums, zoos, scenic byways, stadiums, local restaurants, and more. 

: rather than reading an interpretive panel, a talking trail captivates the audience with an audio or video recording that shares the whole story.

: scan a code, dial a phone number, or use our mobile app to experience the whole story...

Examples of TALKING TRAIL in a sentence

Finally, now I can explore historical sites, museums, universities, zoos, and scenic destinations by using the TALKING TRAIL, and utilizing the technology in my pocket--my cell phone!


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