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Logan County Colorado      TALKING TRAIL

Download the Talking Trail mobile app today, and Experience the Stories of St. Andrew's Parish!

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St. Andrew's White Colonial Revival Church

St. Andrews, like so many rural churches of its day, has provided the loving arms of support to a devoted congregation. Hear her story today!

Beacon on the Prairie - Talking Trail
St. Andrew's Cemetery.png

Imagine if tombstones could talk... Now, you don't have to... The names on these cemetery markers represent the founding members of German-Russian community in North Dakota... 

If Tombstones Could Talk - Talking Trail
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When the builders of this stone church arrived in the Dakota Territory in 1884, leaving their beautiful, well-established villages in South Russia, they were unsure of what their future would hold... 

Sankt Andreas Gemeinde - Talking Trail

Welcome to the St. Andrews Talking Trail, proudly part of the Tri-County Alliance Germans from Russia Talking Trail tour. Experience the rich heritage, history, and culture, of the hard-working Germans from Russia families who emigrated here in the 1880's. We are proud to archive, and share their rich history for years to come on the Talking Trail mobile app and dial-in platforms. Get lost in the captivating stories that share their brave journey. Special thanks to Carol Just for her support and efforts in the St. Andrews Talking Points!

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