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"History Comes to Life on the Talking Trail..."

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When the railroad came to Michigan, North Dakota, excitement, promise, and growth were evident in the community...

Michigan Train Wreck - Nelson County
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In the heart of Lakota, stands the Tofthagen Library and Museum.  A.M Tofthagen was born in Hundorp, Norway in 1888.  Like many Norwegians, he immigrated to North Dakota

A.M. Tofthagen Museum and Library - Nelson County
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Originally formed by glaciation, Stump Lake, as we know it today, began nearly 500 years ago when a great flood occurred in the valley of Wamduska Township...

Stump Lake - Nelson County
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Generally speaking, life in Nelson County in the 1920s was relatively quiet.  An early morning bank robbery on June 22, 1922 shattered the serenity of the small community of Michigan, North Dakota. 

Michigan Mini Mall - Nelson County
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The homestead opportunities of the late 1880s brought an influx of Norwegian immigrants to Nelson County.  With the promise of their very own land, many families made the taxing trip to North Dakota...

Log Cabin - Nelson County
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It is no secret that winters in North Dakota can be brutal, but did you know how beautiful they can be as well?  Seeing the rolling snowdrifts that blanket the landscape of Nelson County...

Snowmobile History - Nelson County

Nelson County is a land of gently rolling wheat fields and boundless recreation opportunities!


Nelson County was founded in the spring of 1883 at the Territorial Legislature in Grand Forks, ND.  It is comprised of approximately 982 square miles and is situated in the Northeast part of North Dakota. Cities in Nelson County include: Aneta, Lakota, McVille, Michigan, Pekin, Petersburg and Tolna.  There are also several Town Sites and Villages in the County including:  Dahlen, Kloten, Mapes, and Whitman.  These communities were formed when the Burlington Northern and Sioux Railroads became established in the County.  Lakota is the Official County Seat of Nelson County.

For recreation, Nelson County has ample opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast!  Stump Lake is a local attraction for fishing and hunting along with other areas such as Lake Laretta, McVille Dam, Tolna Dam and Whitman Dam.  

Come explore all of the rich history along the Nelson County Talking Trail!

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