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"History Comes to Life on the Talking Trail..."

Hello, passengers! You’ve just arrived at the Union Pacific Depot! When American author Mark Twain travelled west in the 1860s, he wrote, “...perhaps not more than ten men in America, all told, expected to live to see a railroad follow that route to the Pacific…

Union Pacific Depot - Logan County Talking Trail
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This sculpture titled, Exordium, was Bradford Rhea’s first marble sculpture.. Before sculpting it, he went up to a symposium where he learned how to use the tools and everything, he recalled, and later he went to Glenwood Spring where he picked a marble block out...

Exordiium - Logan County Talking Trail
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Welcome to the grand, historic Logan County Courthouse! As you walk in, notice the brass chandeliers, the white-porcelain tiles, and the acanthus leaves that decorate the entrance. Designed by architect John J. Huddart in 1908...

Logan County Courthouse - Logan County Talking Trail
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Welcome to the Logan County, Colorado Talking Trail--proudly sponsored by the Sterling Chamber of Commerce! With the revitalization of Sterling's downtown, and surrounding communities simply amazing hometown cafe's, and rich history and arts, it is easy to get lost in all sorts of activities in the beautiful high plains of Logan County Colorado! Sterling is known as the City of Living Trees--thanks to Bradford Rhea, a renowned sculptor from nearby Merino, CO. Come explore all of Bradford Rhea's sculptures, and all of the rich history of the area along the Talking Trail, consisting of 30 Talking Points throughout the County, and experience the stories of Logan County Colorado! 

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