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"History Comes to Life on the Talking Trail..."

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Mattie Beal Home

Instead of another land rush, the Southwestern Oklahoma land lottery of 1901, offered nearly 170,000 registered hopefuls a chance at...

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Buffalo Soldiers Monument

The Buffalo Soldier Statue before you titled, “Answering the Call” pays tribute to the African American frontier army troops who played a key role in westward exploration in the late 1800’s...

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Carnegie Library

The late 19th and early 20th centuries brought a population boom to Oklahoma.  As more and more residents put down roots in Great Plains Country

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Central Fire Station

By the late 1920s, Lawton’s central business district had ballooned, spreading out over almost twelve blocks on the northeast side of town...

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Doe Doe Park

Focal point of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement in Lawton. Segregation at the led to Lawton’s largest civil rights march on June 16, 1966 attended by over 200 demonstrators...

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Douglass School

Founded in 1907 as a school for African American children. The original one room school was located at First and Gore Blvd and was known as Vernon School...

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Lawton High School

Largely due to the distribution of Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache lands, the population in Lawton exploded during the turn of the century, revealing a desperate need for...

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Town Lot Auction Site

Things were quite different around present-day Lawton, Oklahoma in 1901.  At the time, Fort Sill had been established for over thirty years...

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Little Chapel of Lawton

The past one hundred years or so have brought many changes to Lawton.  The sounds of wagon wheels crunching on dusty streets have been replaced with the hum...

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Ron Stephens Stadium

Like most of the United States, the Great Depression was devastating for Oklahoma.  To relieve the economic hardship, President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the Works...

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Special Thanks to the Oklahoma Historical Society who funded the Lawton, OK Talking Trail Project via the Oklahoma Heritage Preservation Grant Program.

The Lawton Oklahoma Talking Trail strives to strengthen the connections to the community of Lawton by continuing the already impressive efforts of creating a strong sense of place. Our goal is to further those efforts and to share the rich history, culture, and heritage of the community of Lawton. Download the Talking Trail app and come explore the Lawton, OK Talking Trail, and #ExperiencetTheStory today!

Oklahoma Preservation Grants are provided by Oklahoma Historical Society. 

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