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Frontier Gateway Museum      TALKING TRAIL

Welcome to Glendive, Montana
Talking Trail

Welcome to Glendive, Montana


​Welcome to the Frontier Gateway Museum! Take a step back in time, and explore a variety of entertaining and educational exhibits spanning from prehistoric to modern day...

Frontier Gateway Museum - Talking Trail

Did you know the Frontier Gateway Museum is located on the Montana Dinosaur Trail? The museum has Edmontosaurus, Thescelosaurus, and Triceratops fossils, and replicas of...

Margie - Talking Trail
346_General Store.JPG

Because the settlers lived in rural areas, general stores were born out of necessity.  Many of the owners of general stores got their start as traveling peddlers...

General Store - Talking Trail
347_GoldenValleySchoolhouse copy.JPG

Welcome to the Golden Valley Schoolhouse–one of three original buildings which are part of the Frontier Gateway Museum complex.

Golden Valley Schoolhouse - Talking Trail

One of the perks that goes with a local history museum is the unexpected bits and pieces of information supplied by visitors. This is true for the restored windmill before you...

Windmill - Talking Trail
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Before the 1800’s, most peoples living in what is now Montana patterned life according to “seasonal rounds,” moving camp along well-established routes to follow buffalo...

The Hagen Site - Talking Trail

Following the defeat of George Armstrong Custer’s 7th Cavalry Division at the Battle of Little Bighorn, The United States waged a ruthless campaign against the Native Americans.

Camp Canby - Talking Trail

While the Western Frontier is often viewed as a masculine territory, thousands of women were among the early settlers who moved across the Great Plains...

Early Glendive Churches - Talking Trail

Rancher and banker, Charles Krug, came west from Ohio in 1878, searching for opportunity and a climate to relieve his sister Emma’s asthma. In 1881, he and Emma settled in Glendive where...

Charles Krug House - Talking Trail

As you take a walk across the 1,352 foot span of the Bell Street Bridge, you might imagine a time when this bridge had not yet been constructed...

Bell Street Bridge - Talking Trail

Had you been standing where you are now before or shortly after the turn of the 20th Century, you might very well be casting your gaze on a paddlewheeler steaming up the...

Steamboats - Talking Trail

So why is there this small park with a fountain, where Bell Street, Douglas Street and Meade Avenue come together here in Glendive? Well, the idea was brought up by the Glendive...

Willard Park - Talking Trail

Welcome to Makoshika State Park, what many consider to be “the jewel of Eastern Montana.” With 11,531 acres, Makoshika is Montana’s largest state park. It gets its name from a Lakota...

Makoshika State Park - Talking Trail

Catharine Calk McCarty, born into an aristocratic Kentucky family, followed relatives to Montana. Although she had taken secretarial courses by correspondence, she decided to homestead near her brother...

Catherine McCarty - Talking Trail
358_Pamela Harr Sculpture.jpg

Listen as artist and sculptor, Pamela Harr, shares her story about the incredible bronze statue before you! What inspired this piece of art? Learn more now!

Pamela Harr Statues - Talking Trail
359_Clark on the Yellowstone.png

On August 1st, 1806, a yachting party consisting of Captain William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, six of his men, and Sacajawea and her child, floated by here navigating a craft...

Clark on the Yellowstone - Talking Trail

The Crow and Hidatsa are Siouan people who traded with each other along the Yellowstone River. The Hidatsa language is related to that of the Crow, and they are sometimes

Native American History - Talking Trail
362_Merrill Avenue.jpg

Glendive took root as a steamboat landing on the Yellowstone River and as a railroad center in the middle of prime stock country. When the Northern Pacific reached Glendive in 1881...

Merrill Avenue Historic District - Talking Trail

Former Confederate General Thomas L. Rosser was the chief engineer for construction of the Northern Pacific Railroad from Bismarck through Eastern Montana. During the winter of 1878

Railroad History - Talking Trail

Nestled here at the corner of the Frontier Gateway Museum land, is a large piece of mobile artillery. Originally manufactured in France, the 155 mm 1917 field gun was a World War 1...

The Cannon - Talking Trail

Welcome to the Frontier Gateway Museum and community of Glendive, MT! Take a step back in time, and explore a variety of entertaining and educational exhibits spanning from prehistoric to modern day. Get the chance to uncover the rich railroad history of the Northern Pacific Railway, with a caboose and other railroad memorabilia found throughout the museum.

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