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Fort Abraham Lincoln offering North Dakota travelers one of the most breath-taking views of the Mighty Missouri River near the confluence of the Heart River!

Fort Lincoln - The Mighty Missouri
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What would it have been like to be a soldier posted at Fort Lincoln back in 1873? Download the Talking Trail Mobile app to experience the stories of Fort Lincoln State Park!

Fort Lincoln - Life on the Barracks
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Do you know the full story behind the Boy General Custer? If not, you need to experience the whole story along the Talking Trail at Fort Lincoln!

Fort Lincoln - General Custer and Libby
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Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park

Rich in both military and early Native American history, Fort Abraham Lincoln was once an important infantry and cavalry post. It was from this fort that Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer and the Seventh cavalry rode out on their ill-fated expedition against the Sioux at the Little Big Horn. Portions of the military post, including the Custer House, have been reconstructed. 



Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park is located 7 miles south of Mandan, ND, on Highway 1806.

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