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"History Comes to Life on the Talking Trail..."

#2  Dakota Kid 2 P-51 Mustang - Copy.JPG

Listen to the story of Noble Peterson who went from riding Mustangs to flying Mustangs! His story as a key reconnaissance pilot is wild! Download the Talking Trail app to explore all of the Dakota Air Territory Museum... 

Dakota Kid 2 - Dakota Air Territory Museum
#9  Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star - Copy.j

Buckle up! Check out one of the earliest Jets in the US AIr Force! And one of the first jets to be located out of Minot Air Force Base!

T33 Shooting Star - Talking Trail
#20  Wright Flyer Project.jpg

The Wright Brothers' Flyer found at the Dakota Air Territory  Museum shares the rich history of Wright Brothers and the spark that ignited aviation in America!

Wright Flyer Project - Dakota AIr Territory Museum

Come explore the Dakota Territory Air Museum and Experience the Story with over 23 Talking Points along the Talking Trail mobile app!

Founded in 1986, the Dakota Territory Air Museum has proudly evolved into a significant historical depository honoring the men, women and machines that have impacted the rich history of aviation.  Through displays and events that inspire, educate and entertain, the museum has become a viable and important historical resource for our region and the state of North Dakota. 

The plans laid out by the museum’s founders were that the museum would not only be a place to display military and vintage aircraft, but would become a place dedicated to passing on the rich and varied stories of our region’s aviation history.  In the short time since the museum’s beginnings, the founders and members have built a solid foundation, establishing a working museum with aircraft, restoration projects and have secured a leading role in the region’s promotion of all aspects of aviation.

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